Elige Stewart
Contact Me by Phone at 517-303-1134
or emailing elige@eligestewart.com
My office is located upstairs at

Coyote Wisdom Bookstore
2432 North Grand River Ave
Lansing, Michigan

Hello, I'm Elige Stewart  

(Pronounced Ē-līj), a psychic medium, rootworker and healing practitioner. I strive to provide leadership, compassion, and excellence in the field of the intuitive arts by offering consultations, shamanic healing sessions, magical remediation, classes and other resources to aid you in your spiritual development, well being, and pursuit of happiness.

I grew up in the Appalachian region, surrounded by the folk wisdom that eventually formed (and continues to inform) my practice as a spiritual worker. I have been performing psychic readings for people for about as long as I can remember. I decided to develop my skills as a medium in my early twenties, and began offering mediumistic sittings a few years later. I was taught that you have to quiet the mind to talk to a person's spirit, and then work at their root so that they can grow their soul.  I embody this teaching in every aspect of my work as a reader and rootworker.

I've been working as a reader and conjure worker for most of my life. I feel it is my spiritual calling to help people find all of the joy and empowerment that they can in their lives, and I am blessed every day to be able to work with my clients as they pursue their roads to bliss.